Gold Medal Safety Padding

Gold Medal Safety Padding is a specially compounded synthetic resinous material with Fire Retardant additives.



Gold Medal Safety Padding has been used in Canada for over 30 years and has become the industry standard for these types of rooms.

Gold Medal Safety Padding is now the “Specified Product” for many Government and private requirements.

During its 40 year history there have been thousands of installations in the United States and Canada and now Gold Medal Safety Padding is being used in countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Israel, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, New Zealand, South America and many more, with most ensuring it is specified by name.


“These new facilities are humane, hygienic and meet with international best practice”

Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell. (Cloverhill Prison, Ireland)

“Gold Medal Safety padding was unsurpassed in quality and provided a safe and secure environment for our at-risk inmates. Our experience with Gold Medal Safety Padding was easy to maintain and served as a long term solution.”

“We had major problems with the padding material used in two padded cells in my facility. After doing some research and visiting another facility that had Gold Medal Safety Padding installed over 13 years ago, I was very impressed on how well it held up. After having one of my padded cells retrofitted with Gold Medal Safety Padding, I am even more impressed on how well it withstands the abuse prisoners can do.”

Gold Medal Safety Padding Project Sites

Correctional Facilites

Police Station

Court Houses

Mental Health Facilites


Emergency Department